This morning, Apple has announced that their yearly worldwide developer conference will be held in San Francisco from June 10-14.  ​Those who already meet their requirement of having an Apple developer subscription, will be able to sign up tomorrow on April 25th, 2013 at 10AM.

​Every year Apple hosts WWDC and shows off the latest iteration of iOS.  With iOS 7, many expect a whole new look and feel to Apple’s now dated mobile operating system. To date, iOS is the oldest of the modern operating systems and really haven’t changed the overall look of it much, but with Jonny Ive taking over all design at Apple, you can expect at least some changes and features to be a given.

​If you plan to attend WWDC, make sure you have your credit card ready to go when the signup goes live.  Last year WWDC sold out in a mere 2 hours.

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