I just had a couple crazy ideas pop into my head, so I thought I would share my predictions on the Apple Watch announcement that is about to happen in 40 minutes or so.

Apple watch announced of course

Sport starting at $350

Stainless Steel:  $500

Edition:  $5499


New MacBook Air with retina.

Bluetooth headphones for Apple watch.(crazy I know, but you never know).

Updated Apple TV?  (I hope so, but you never know).


Want to watch the event live?  Go here—>http://www.apple.com/live/2015-mar-event/


Update:  Now that the event is over, I was right and I was very wrong.  I was more excited by that new MacBook than anything else in the keynote.  The new retina MacBook is incredibly thin and comes in the same three colors that the iPhone currently has available.  As for my Apple TV predictions, well…I was way off.  They simply reduced the price, which is just kind of sad.  The watch just redefined a niche, but a niche that doesn’t really need redefining.  The prices in my opinion are a bit outrageous and I can now buy the middle of the line watch for the same price as a MacBook Air.  Yes, you read correctly, a MacBook Air.  The Apple watch starts at $349, but skyrockets to over $10,000.  Obviously those who would even consider a watch over 10 grand obviously don’t have to think of money as much as the majority of us do.  Anyway, be sure to check back for an update on that beautiful MacBook though as I plan to get my hands on one of those and the watches when they come available next month.

Check out http://www.apple.com for all the new details.