Author: Aaron Zollo

DS Now Supporting Twitter

  Twitter is now here on the DS.  You can keep all of your friends apprised of what is going on around you or in your head.  The program is in Spanish and you need to have a memory card to load the program on, but if you use or are interested in twitter the install should be a walk in the park.


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Nokia Releasing Music With Carphone Warehouse in UK


  Reuters reports that Nokia has announced that on Tuesday they have signed a deal with Carphone Warehouse to release a new music program for its phones in the UK.  The program called "Comes With Music" allows music to be downloaded from the phone and listened to like all do these days. The difference with this program is that you get to keep your music that you have downloaded within the 12 month period.


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HD Multitouch Oy Display Demoed

  Multitouch Oy now has a demo of its HD multitouch display. The display allows multitouch and reacts very quickly as you can see from the video. The idea of multitouch is not a new one, but has yet become widely available other than on portable devices like laptops and the iPhone.

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