Author: Aaron Zollo

New Tivo From Direct Tv coming

  For those of you who had the pst Tivo’s offered with DirecTV,  you finally can do away with them for the new HD model.  The recent models of HD DVR’s from DirecTV are sub par compared to the Tivo’s nicely featured interface.  DirecTV has apparently noticed this and decided to work with Tivo once again.  


The bad news is that the DVR is not set to launch until the 2nd half of 2009.  


Thanks for listening DirecTV,  finally someone listens.


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Nokia Now Shipping N96

  The world’s largest phone maker, Nokia, has begun shipping its new top model, the N96.  The N96 is the replacement for the N95 which is the most capable and somewhat more so competitor to the iPhone 3G.  


The N96 has a 5-megapixel camera, 16 GB of internal memory, GPS navigation and live television support.


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Ebay Launching Environmentally Friendly Marketplace


  Ebay annouced Wednesday that it would be launching a new marketplace for the environmentally friendly shopper.  Ebay is trying to cash in on the estimated $206 billion of potential profit each year.  World of Good is dedicated to providing those who care about healthy living and the ethical treatment of workers, with a conglomerate of all that lies in this category of product.


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OSX Leopard Required for Spore on Mac

  If you’ve been waiting since 2006 for your chance to play spore and you only have a mac, I hope you have an Intel processor with Leopard installed.  


Spore which is due to come out on the 7th of September requires you have an Intel processor and OSX Leopard installed.  On the Windows side Spore require XP or Vista and this is probably where the majority of games will be played.  


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