Author: Aaron Zollo

OSX Leopard Required for Spore on Mac

  If you’ve been waiting since 2006 for your chance to play spore and you only have a mac, I hope you have an Intel processor with Leopard installed.  


Spore which is due to come out on the 7th of September requires you have an Intel processor and OSX Leopard installed.  On the Windows side Spore require XP or Vista and this is probably where the majority of games will be played.  


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Google Set to Spy on Us More Clearly

  Google has had plenty of announcements in the past 2 days.  The next on their list is a new satellite set to go into orbit this week.  


Google has signed a deal with GeoEye-1 to launch the most advanced high-resolution, civil, remote-sensing satellite to date.  Google is the exclusive online mapping site that may use the imager says Cnet.

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