Author: Aaron Zollo

4th Gen iPod Nano Case in Hand

  The many pictures of 4th generation iPod nano cases are now the official shape.  Engadget Spanish earlier posted a picture of the case in hand.


The case shows the new nano has the long screen as in all other pictures and looks to be about the same size as the 2nd gen iPod nano.  I can’t imagine Apple is pleased with all the early releases, but this has been the going trend for some time.


The case is by Hama and is a Sport Case  labeled "for iPod nano 4G".



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Download Spore, Now Wait to Play

  Spore, forever in the making is now available to download if you pre-ordered, but there is a catch.  You can download the game but you cannot play it until the official release on September the 7th.  So if the forever long development cycle and previews have not driven you nuts enough, you can now have the game on your system with your trigger button ready to activate.  


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Sprint’s XOHM WiMax Leaked

  Thanks to some people over at Engadget, we now have details of Sprint’s new WiMax Xohm service.   The speed is said to be a very respectable 2-4 Mbps.  The service is without a contract unlike many other on the go internet solutions.  The site says that the service is on "Your Terms" and you can pay by day or month with no cancellation fee.  This is all sounding too good to be true and it may be depending on price and coverage.

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