Author: Aaron Zollo

What Differentiates OSX from Windows

  An article posted at smashing magazine points out the high points of what makes OSX more user friendly than its competitors.  The top 10 high points are 1. Consistency, 2. Intuitiveness, 3. Effective and Appropriate metaphors, 4. Informative Error Reporting On-demand, 5.  Hiding the Technical Details, 6.  Fitt’s Law, 7. User Input Feedback, 8. User Support and Navigation, 9. Workflow and 10. Even Kernal Panic Looks Nice.  Whatever your take on OSX is, they make a good point on why it  should not be considered second rate or less than its competitors.

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Silverlight, Right Goods at the Right Time?

  For Those of you who are not aware, but have been watching the olympics online. This has all been made possible by Silverlight. Silverlight is an application from Microsoft which is basically a competitor to Adobe’s Flash. The main debut for Silverlight is the Olympics. At the site and video is all done using Silverlight. So far it seems to be a solid platform with a seamless interface. I have used it on ie7, safari and Mozilla Firefox with no hiccups whatsoever.

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An American Hero Passes

  Although not tech related I regard this to be of importance in the history of our world.  One of the first four men to liberate Buchenwald concentration camp, James Hoyt  had his funeral Thursday at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oxford, with about 100 people in attendance.  James Hoyt was one of the first to observe the horrors of the German concentration camps.  He experienced this at the young age of 19 as part of the Army’s 6th armored division.  Never should we forget what he and his colleagues did.

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