Author: Aaron Zollo

iPhone Software Update 2.0.2

  The 2.0.2 update is out for iPhone.  The update fixes some issue, what they are exactly remains to be seen.  After a lengthy backup the firmware installed.  Apple really needs an option to easily disable the iPhone backups when syncing other than the terminal commands.  Maybe this fixes the reecption issues?  Who knows…

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USB 3.0 Comes Closer to the Finish

   In the ongoing push of higher data transfer, Intel has released part of the draft specifications for USB 3.0.  Set to become widely available by 2010, USB 3.0 allows data transfers 10 times that of the current 480Mbps.  The 4.8Gbps speed comes due to the massive amounts of storage and data transfer needs of the ever increasing storage mediums.  This current spec is available freely to all USB 3.0 promoter groups.


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A More Personal Search Engine

  There are many search engines today and we all know the big names, google, yahoo, etc.  Mahalo uses a different approach to its search method. With Mahalo the search results are sorted by people like you and me. The result is a search engine that delivers real pages, that real people have approved for access via the search engine.  With google for example, if you search for a general term and you will end up with basically whichever link was clicked the most being the first in the list.

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Inconsistency with new 3G iPhone

 Among many tech blogs and news sites there have been consistent complaints about the inconsistency of many iPhone 3G’s.  The inconsistency arrives when browsing the web or taking calls.  Many people including myself have experienced dropped calls or poor quality.  Also when in an area with 3G the phone regularly changes to EDGE for its connection.  Many reports say this is a result of an Infineon chipset which is "immature".  Hopefully this trouble is remedied thru software/firmware updates.

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What Differentiates OSX from Windows

  An article posted at smashing magazine points out the high points of what makes OSX more user friendly than its competitors.  The top 10 high points are 1. Consistency, 2. Intuitiveness, 3. Effective and Appropriate metaphors, 4. Informative Error Reporting On-demand, 5.  Hiding the Technical Details, 6.  Fitt’s Law, 7. User Input Feedback, 8. User Support and Navigation, 9. Workflow and 10. Even Kernal Panic Looks Nice.  Whatever your take on OSX is, they make a good point on why it  should not be considered second rate or less than its competitors.

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