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Apple Sells 200 Million TV Episode, Already 1M in HD


  The success of iTunes was once thought to be a small part of the market when it comes to TV and music.  Now Apple can laugh in their faces when it comes to music and even TV shows.  Apple has sold 200 Million TV SHows  and counting on their iTunes store.  Their HD shows have sold over 1 Million copies in just a month or so.  

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NBC Already Has 1 Million Downloads on Itunes Since Return


  NBC has come back to iTunes as most know and for good reason.  In the short time they have been back, 1 million downloads have been made from NBC and their different properties.  They must have noticed that it is not a good idea to try and compete with Itunes at this time and they were loosing a lot of potential cash.  Now if only they would realize they would make more money if they charged less, we would be all set.


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Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow Offering DRM Free Music

  On Monday Sony will begin offering 1 million DRM free songs for 99 cents.  This is yet another music service, but delivers not only music from Sony, BMG, Warner Music and EMI, but games, ringtones, apps as well as themes for mobile downloading.  This due to Sony trying to get into the ever more polluted music downloading services.  We do have to applaud them for no DRM and hopefully they will have an easy user interface for downloading and transferring music.



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