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LG Shows Off Their New Flexible E-Ink Display

  LG today let everyone know of their new E-Ink flexible display.  There are a few significant differences from the other displays that have been shown by different companies before.  The major difference is the 19-inch size of the display with dimensions of 250x400mm.  The other difference is the medium in which the E-Ink uses as a substrate.  The normal substrate is made of glass while LG chose to use a metal foil material.  This allows more strength with added flexibility and durability.

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Otterbox Releases Protection For Your HTC Or LG Device

  Otterbox today has announced a new series of cases for HTC and LG devices.  The newer Otterbox Commuter series is now available for your LG Arena KM900 and HTC Ozone.  SHould your choice not be the Commuter series you can also pick from the Impact series for your LG Arena KM900 as well. The Impact series will cost you a reasonable $19.99, while the more protective Commuter series come in at $34.95.  




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