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iPod Touch 2G gets Jailbroken for a Price, With NitroKey Slipstream

  If you have been impatiently waiting for a chance to jailbreak you 2nd Gen. iPod Touch, here is your chance.  For $15 you can get NitroKey Slipstream which will do the Jailbreaking for you.  During the process, the software jailbreaks your iPod, and installs Cydia.  This jailbreak works with 2.2.1 and they also offer support.  Although their efforts are noteworthy,  never have you had to pay for such an app.  If you need those 3rd party apps, $15 may be a bragain for such an experience.  If you can wait, we bet iPhoneDevTeam comes out withtheir app soon.



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4th Gen iPod Nano Case in Hand

  The many pictures of 4th generation iPod nano cases are now the official shape.  Engadget Spanish earlier posted a picture of the case in hand.


The case shows the new nano has the long screen as in all other pictures and looks to be about the same size as the 2nd gen iPod nano.  I can’t imagine Apple is pleased with all the early releases, but this has been the going trend for some time.


The case is by Hama and is a Sport Case  labeled "for iPod nano 4G".



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