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MacBook Mini Rumors Surface Along With Pictures


  We have heard this rumor over and over, but this time the images and rumors come from a Russian magazine which also gives us specs on the so-name, MacBook Mini.  Although we don’t know how real or true the specifications are, it is not unlikely that Apple is working on such a MacBook.  If such a MacBook Mini were to be released, the speculation says it would retail for $899.00, which is way out of netbook range and questionable for such a price as it comes awful close to the MacBook price range.


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iWork 09 Going Web Based At MacWorld?


  The latest pre-MacWorld 09 rumor comes in the form of iWork 09.  The probable rumor has iWork going web-based coming this year.  Google has done it, Microsoft has done it, so why can’t Apple do it, and do it better than the rest.  9to5Mac says this is exactly what will come of iWork for this coming year.  Sounds like a good idea and a very probable one as well.  Only a few more weeks and we’ll know for sure.



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