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Apple Acquires Quattro Wireless

  Apple has again acquired a new property of which is an Ad network for mobile devices.  Not surprising given the amount of apps that have been sold in such a quick time.  This is a wise and profitable way for Apple to continue to increase its large pockets into the Scrooge McDuck like vault.  According to Quattro nothing is changing as of yet, except for ownership.

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New Wall Socket Adds Two USB Plugs

  Now here is a product I could really use.  So many devices charge via USB now that make this simple upgrade a no-brainer.  The simple wall socket adds two standard USB outlets next to the traditional plugs as seen above.  You simply change out your normal sock for this one, nothing special t do here.  The best part is the reasonable $10 that this outlet costs.  You can buy it now at Fastmac.

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