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BodyGuardz – iPhone 3G/3GS Review


  The BodyGuardz protection for iPhone offers what is becomming a very viable option in device protection.  Not only can you protect your device now, but you can use it in its inteded form without the added bulk of a full case.  If you are not yet sure what I am referring too then you are in for a treat.  Bodyguards appears to be a plastic and/or vinyl material that you apply to your device and once in place acts as though it was meant to be there.

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The Car Alarm For Your iPhone


  iFonProtect is for those people who trust their co-workers enough to leave their iPhone or iPod Touch on their desk when taking a mild bathroom break, but not enough to leave their goods unprotected.  iFonProtect uses the motion sensor of the iPhone or iPod Touch to detect movement. If someone decides to browse your goods while away, an alarm will sound if the set code is not entered in the alloted time.  


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