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Google Sync Comes To iPhone


Google has release a Mobile Sync program which allows you to backup and sync calenders and your address book.  The application is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.  See the video for details and the features below. 


If Google gives us a "Back to My Mac" solution and some decent online storage, then why pay for MobileMe? This could be a great thing, or maybe Google already has too much of our info.  What do you think?

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Read Barcodes With Your iPhone


  Ever find yourself wondering what is encoded in those square barcodes or better known as Data Matrix and QR Barcodes.  Now you can decode them with your iPhone and its camera.  The Free Barcode application decodes the barcodes and then allows them to open in Safari, Mail or save them to your Address book.  This is all assuming that the barcodes are URL’s, phone numbers or email addresses.


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