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Adobe Demoes Flash Games On WebOS With The Pre

  Some time ago now, Adobe had given a quick demo of Flash running on the WebOS platform using the Palm Pre.  A couple days ago they gave a new demo of a few Flash games from two different companies.  The Pre appears to be running the games fairly effortlessly while at the same time having a couple cards open.  Check out what Flash can do on the WebOS platform and what most likely will never come to iPhone.  See the video after the junp:

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First Else Shows Off The Intuition OS On Video

  It’s a good thing the Linux based OS is slick and beautiful, because the name is just downright confusing.  Else is the company if you have not been following them.  Intuition is the name of their OS and the name of their first phone is well, First Else.  Now that we have those minor details out of the way, take a look at the video of how the OS works.  The idea is a one handed approach to a very slick Open GL driven interface.  

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Flash 10.1 Coming To Just About Every Smart Phone Except iPhone


  The day of the phone that can do just about everything using the interweb is just around the corner. WHile only a few phones can use Flash at this point such as the new HTC Hero, most do not have such a simple feature.  Adobe in the video below demonstrates the Flash integration of the Palm Pre.  The beta should be here before the years end for both the WebOS platform and Windows Mobile.  Android and RIM will have Flash available next year.  iPhone at this point is the one platform that looks like it will never support Flash.  This alone may get some people to switch, but then again maybe not.


See the video after the jump

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Apple Finally Working With Adobe For Flash on The iPhone & iPod Touch


  At long last we have confirmation that Apple finally sees that one major deterring factor for their iPhone is the lack of Adobe’s Flash.  Apple has long claimed "the web in your pocket", which is only partially true, because half of the web uses flash to play media.  


Steve Jobs has said that Flash is too much for a mobile processor and Flash Lite does not deliver enough to satisfy the consumer.  Adobe’s Chief, Shantanu Narayen was recently quoted in an interview saying:


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Flash Could Be on iPhone Soon


  Adobe has been hard at work lately with its upcoming release of CS4 and Elements 7 and now they have developed Flash for the iPhone.  The catch is we now have to see if Apple approves the app and with all the apps getting rejected as of late, this could go either way.  Adobe did not mention if this is a standalone app or an add in, but it would be nice if it somehow incorporated into safari and was available by 2.2.


[via Flash Magazine]

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Adobe Releases Details for Photoshop Elements 7 with Photoshop.com Membership

The upcoming yearly release of Photoshop Elements is around the corner.  Photoshop Elements as well as Photoshop.com 1 Year membership will be available in October.  The yearly membership includes 20GB of online storage.  The price of the Application still remains $99 Dollars.  Not a bad deal for storage too.  Adobe is also releasing Premiere Elements 7 as well.

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