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iHome iD50 Review

The iHome iD50 is a very nice bedside music/phone/alarm clock dock.  Musically the dock is not for the individual looking for a fantastic audio device.  However, what the iHome fails to deliver when it comes to audio, it soars...

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Chumby One Gets A Teardown

  The all-in-one Internet, LAN, Wi-Fi, Alarm Clock embedded, open source device, Chumby One gets the "take-me-apart" treatment for us all to see.  iFixit has one again grasped the latest in technology just to give us a glimpse of what lies within the rounded square that Chumby One is.  Among the many other devices at iFixit, you can see the full teardown complete with specs and information on how to take it apart yourself at iFixit.

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