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Here Is The Kindle App For iPad

The Kindle is coming to iPad or at least wehope it is.  Amazon showed what the app looks like and how it works, but the app has yet to be approved.  If it does get the Apple stamp of approval, the Kindle app will work much like...

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Online Overseas Wholesale Site Showing Tablet Prematurely WIth Specs And Details?

  On doing a little research via the B2B (business to business) site Alibaba.com, it appears they may have outed the tablet early.  There are numerous sellers now selling the iSlate as a new product on the site.  The distributors are reputable and all show the same image of what looks to be a 7.1inch tablet.  The image looks similar to what we have seen with an iPhone form factor.  The design if accurate also has the home button, and a couple of touch scroll arrows on the face.  The side and/or top shows two usb ports and a headphone jack.

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Apple Invites Go Out For January 27th Event: The Rumors Are True

  The speculation and rumors of an end of the month Apple event are indeed true.  People are receiving an invite for the 27th of January with the tag line "come see our latest creation."  The place is the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theatre in San Francisco.  The event will start at 10AM Pacific and judging by the tag line and art splotches we are guessing this is for a tablet of some sort. 

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Apple Tablet To Use Their Own Chipset?

  Some time ago Apple purchased a company by the name of P A Semi.  This company was in the market of making their very own microchips and now the newest Apple Tablet rumors are saying a new chipset of their own will be at the heart of the new device.  According to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, Apple chose to do away with Intel for its tablet and instead use a chipset of their very own design.  The rumor would make the purchase of P A Semi make sense instead of just picking them up for their talent.

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Fake iSlate Specs Revealed Over The Weekend

  This past weekend a supposed internal Apple document was revealed for the upcoming Apple tablet.  Although we know this is fake, we thought we would share with our readers the possibilities of a future Tablet and its OS.  The first document above shows the "Clouded Leopard" release of OSX 10.7.  While it is not hard to assume Apple will be using and innovating in the cloud computing market with MobileMe and the recent purchase of Lala, we find it hard to believe this document to be accurate.

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