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Element Case Partners With Ducati

  Element Case has partnered with Ducati to bring an exclusive line of iPhone and iPad cases to their accessory line. Along with the Ion cases pictured above, Element case will also offer the Quick-Draw pouch, The Rogue and...

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Bump Top Comes To Mac, Makes Your Desktop 3D

  The Apple tablet and its new interface may be just around the corner, but if you want to take your ordinary Mac and change it up a bit, you will want to check out Bump Top.  This application has been out some time for Windows, but now brings the same great 3D desktop to OSX.  Bump Top turns your desktop into a 3D workspace with realtime physics while at the same time supporting multi-touch gestures.  Watch the quick demo from their site below and if you like what you see you can try it out for yourself by visiting the link below.

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DirecTV Launching New 3dHD Channel

  DIrecTV will soon be making an announcement regarding a whole new way to watch broadcast TV, in 3D.  The current lineup of Satellite Receievers the company makes available to its customers will support the new channel with a simple firmware upgrade.  The downside to this whole 3D push is that the channel will require you to purchase a new 3D capable TV.  There aren’t any details at this time, but we should head something more from CES on January 7th.

[via DViCE]

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Verizon Employees Getting WebOS Training, Palm Pre and Pixi Imminent

  We all knew this would happen once the exclusivity deal with Sprint came to an end.  Verizon appears to be picking up the WebOS devices very soon.  According to the image above, Verizon employees can watch the 20 minute online training session for WebOS from the 15th of December up until the 4th of January 2010.  This all makes sense when you know Palm cannot possibly survive with just Sprint as their carrier.  Hopefully the appearance of the Pre and Pixi on Verizon will give Palm a boost and make WebOS grasp sustainability.

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