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Apple allows turn by turn in iPhone 3.0 Software


  Finally, Apple will allow developers to develop turn by turn applications using the iPhone 3.0 software.  They also have made it possible to use Google API’s to allow aps to use the maps within applications.  If they want turn by turn gps though they have to use their own maps. 



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iPhone 3.0 to include tethering, MMS and Copy and Paste?

  We know a new version of iPhone software is coming soon and we have some new details on what that may include. These features are still rumors, but we would think very likely for a revamp of the software that reside on the iPhone.  The first is MMS or Multi Messaging Service, which would finally allow for photos to be sent via SMS, just like every other phone out there.  The second feature we have heard is tethering of which most of know what that is all about, but if you don’t, it allows you to conect your iPhone to your laptop and use its 3G connection.  Thirdly, the illustrious copy and paste may be upon us and avilable with this software release.

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Buffer.me brings style to Youtube

  Buffer.me is a new site which uses the youtube API to bring the same videos to you with a stylish and user friendly site.  The user is presented with a very slick black background with the videos displayed in the center streaming from left to right.  The design is very representative of coverflow on Mac.  


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Google Gears 0.4 Releases



  Google Gears 0.4 was just released.  This is an update to the current project from Google which allows you to use applications normally accessible from the "cloud", directly on your desktop without a connection.  The application makes Google’s online service such as Google Documents function without having to connect to the internet.  


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