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Macworld 2010 Announced For Feb. 9-13


  The show will continue despite the absence of Apple’s presence.  Just a couple of months ago yielded our last view as Macworld as the yearly announcement preference of the Apple brand.  The 2010 expo will continue despite the rumors of it fading away into nothing.  The sessions should be about the same and although we can no longer count on Macworld for new products, you can bet Apple will have some things to show sometime around that time frame.



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Top Brands in UK are Aston, Apple, and iPhone


  Marketing Week’s annual top brands poll shows the top 20 brands of the year.  The poll shows Aston Martin, iPhone and then Apple in the lead as the most recognized or beloved brands in the UK.  Apple in reality holds the 2 and 3 position with the brand and a product.  This shows the clout of the iPhone in its own right as its own established brand aside from the ever popular Apple brand.  See the top 20 after the jump…

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