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Apple Tablet Coming Early 2010…Again


  At this point it has been years of speculation and rumor about a tablet to be released by Apple.  Current information says that Steve Jobs has finally signed off on the design and it is being prepped for an early January to March release of 2010.  According to Apple Insider the project as been on and off again for 4 years or so with various revision.  This time it looks like we will finally get a device somewhere between an iPhone and MacBook that will be an all-in-one device.  There is little information available at this point, but the market is ready for a reasonable priced revolutionary tablet Mac.  Lets hope this rumor does not get extended over and over.

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The App Store Reaches 1 and has 1.5 Billion Downloads Served


  Smashing any expectations one might have had just over 1 year ago when the App Store launched, Apple has proved and created a hugely successful market for apps.  The recent news of an amazing 1.5 billion applications being downloaded in such a short time has completely shake the cell industry as to rethink what it should do next.  So far there has been no sign of a slowdown when it comes to the download rates.  Right now there are over 40 million iPhones in 77 different countries and that rate continues to grow rapidly. Here is to an amazing year and many more.


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AT&T Working On Massive Upgrade For New iPhone In June


  Apple Insider has posted that a vendor in "the know" has brought to our attention that AT&T is working on a major upgrade to their data network prior to the new iPhone hardware rumored to be arriving in June. AT&T has had their network stressed greatly due to the iPhone data traffic since the iPhone 3G.  The iPhone accounts for about two thirds of all of AT&T’s data consumption and has caused numerous outages and slow downs in the past.  If the new iPhone does include a video camera with upload capability as we suspect, AT&T will certainly need such bandwidth increases to meet demand.  It will be interesting to see if there is real world speed increases that we iPhone users will see.  At this point we can only hold out and anticipate what Apple has for us in June.


[Apple Insider]

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New Mac Mini Photo Leaked?


  For almost a year or so we have been hearing rumors of a new Mac Mini being dropped upon us.  So far we have all been in utter disappointment at the lack of care the wee little Mac has received as compared with the rest of the Mac line.  Apple Insider has found what they believe to be an early photo of the new Mac Mini.  As rumored, the photo shows the two separate display port options, both mini DVI and mini Display Port.  Lets hope our little friend will gets the recognition it deserves soon.


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Apple Finally Working With Adobe For Flash on The iPhone & iPod Touch


  At long last we have confirmation that Apple finally sees that one major deterring factor for their iPhone is the lack of Adobe’s Flash.  Apple has long claimed "the web in your pocket", which is only partially true, because half of the web uses flash to play media.  


Steve Jobs has said that Flash is too much for a mobile processor and Flash Lite does not deliver enough to satisfy the consumer.  Adobe’s Chief, Shantanu Narayen was recently quoted in an interview saying:


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Apple To Attend CES 2010


  As anyone who follows Apple news knows, Apple has left MacWorld for good.  Although still technically a rumor, many people have been confirming that Apple will be moving to CES in 2010.  This may sound bad to the many who attend MacWorld, but is a great change to bring two separate shows to one venue.  Instead of having to choose or rush from one to another, everyone can now go to Las Vegas for CES instead.  The interesting part is Apple is saying January is not an idea product announcement time for their current plans. They may have said this just to make MacWorld feel better about the loss of Apple.  Either way this should turn out to be an interesting year.


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Mac Mini Still Alive and Getting A Refresh


  We thought the Mac Mini was gone for sure when rumors of its imminent death were rampant.  Now there are reports that it is still alive and kicking and indeed getting a refresh. 


The refresh is rumored to be getting the following updates:


1.  A new Mini DisplayPort like the new MacBooks.


2.  The Mac Mini will be able to address up to 4GB of Ram


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New MacBook Pro Photo Surfaces With Glass Touchpad


  We posted a picture the other day of a similar looking macbook pro and here is another unofficial photo. This time the image surfaced right after Apple Insider posted the following.  "The new designs were described as a cross between the 13-inch MacBook Air introduced this January and the aluminum iMacs that made their debut during the summer of 2007. In its April report, AppleInsider noted this would include a trimming or tapering around the edges and instances of black material to contrast the largely aluminum motif of the new notebooks."


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iTunes 8 Released Early and Then Removed?


  Apple Insider is reporting that they received a tip that iTunes 8 was released and then pulled tonight.  Apparently the "download now" button appeared in the middle of the screen and a few lucky people were able to grab it.  The button has since disappeared from the page. The people who did claim to grab it will not release details to avoid the force of Apple coming upon them. Lets hope someone lets us know so we can enjoy the rumors until Tuesday.


UPDATE:  apparently this is a hoax says Gizmodo.  The person who caught this picture only had iTunes 6 and was prompted for iTunes 7 to be downloaded.

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