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Kindle 2 Gets Taken Apart – iFixit Does It Again


  When you want or need a part for your Mac, iFixit is there to help.  They offer guides of how to disassemble your Apple product and also how to install different components.  This time they are there to show us the innards of the favorite and crazily popular Kindle 2.  They offer a guide of the disassembly and quality pictures of what makes Amazon’s Kindle 2 tick.  


[iFixit – Kindle 2 – Tear-down]

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MobileMe Gets A Makeover, Well Sort of


  The one product of recent years that has been plagued with bugs not worthy of an Apple product and more like Microsoft is our web based MobileMe.  Today Apple has given the login page a nice little makeover that eases our eyes and lets us know that more changes may be coming soon.  Many have had numerous issues with this service and this little change lets us know that Apple has not given up the fight to perfect their once failing product.  There still is hope for those whose service has not functioned as promise.


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AT&T Selling iPhone 8GB For $99 With 2yr Contract


  If you have been waiting or saving for the $199 iPhone you can now get it for half that price.  AT&T is now selling a refurbished 8GB iPhone for $99 with the normal 2 year contract.  The best part is a refurbished Apple product comes with the exact same warranty as a new product would, so there is really no reason to fear. Just pocket the other 100 dollars or put that toward the cost of your monthly plan and know you are getting the best deal around.


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Apple Hits 300 Million Apps Downloaded


  Without question, the App Store has been an unbelievable success.  In a mere 5 months since the store entered existence, they have hit the 300 million mark.  It is hard to believe that there would be this kind of success on even an Apple product, let alone anything else in this short time frame.  The great thing about the popularity of the App Store is the capitalistic model can only bring better and better apps for us all to enjoy. With over 10,000 apps now available and that number increasing ever day, Apple is sure to hit 1 Billion next year.

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