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Will You Be Getting A Zune HD?


  The Zune has a sympathetic pull on the gadget loving side of me.  While I generally use Apple products, I like the drive of the underdog.  Microsoft knows how to play catchup as we have seen with the Xbox 360 and the great experience many of us have online with our friends.  The real question is will Microsoft hit a home run with the Zune HD?  If you have an iPod Touch then you can guess the Zune HD will have a similar feature set.  The real problem lies in the lack of a hugely successful app store.  I am cautiously optimistic that Zune HD can deliver such an app store, but Microsoft has a vast pocket to draw from.  The marketing power of a company with such monetary resources that far outweigh most companies certainly helps get Zune noticed.  

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Apple Q2 2009 – Most Profitable Ever


  While most companies have an issue of profitability and the ongoing slump of sales, Apple has been having the reverse happen as of late.  During their quarterly financial briefing, Apple posted record profits for March with $1.21 billion in profit for a grand total of $8.16 billion in revenue.  While many people have thought Apple products to be too pricey, it appears one too many people have wanted to move away from the tired hassle of Windows and move on to the more stable and design-conscience Mac, iPod and iPhone.    Ok, well Mac sales were down, but the iPod sales made up for it.  If you want the full press release and a breakdown of profits, head over and check it out for yourself.  

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AT&T Now Selling 16GB Refurbished iPhone for $149


  If you were on a budget and you just had to have the iPhone then you are probably familiar with the 8GB refurb deal of $99 from AT&T.  T add to those on a budget or just looking to get a god deal, you can now get the 16GB iPhone for only $50 more at a reasonable $149.00.  The best part of the whole deal is that the only difference between new and refurbished with Apple products is the box.  The warranty remains the same and you get a flawless device.  You can get the iPhone deal [here]

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Apple Household Adoption Up

  More homes are adopting an Apple computer.  Analysts say this is "driven by positive experiences with Apple’s other products, as well as disenchantment with the Windows world."  Their market shares rose to 10.4% as of the end of the first quarter of 2008.  This is up roughly 3% since last year at the same time.  Analysts also believe this is due in part to the satisfaction or adoption of iPods and other Apple products.  It seems their Apple Stores have helped this along too.  Well if that wasn’t obvious enough, you can hardly move in any of them.  Enterprise adoption also continues to be on the rise.  Up to 4.4% which is double the enterprise adoption from last year.  


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