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Leaked Black Friday Brochure Shows Apple Deals For All

  Last week we had a vague idea of what Apple may offer this coming Black Friday.  It appears someone has leaked a brochure showing exactly what kind of deals we can expect for our after-Thanksgiving scurry to the store(s).  Among the deals are iMacs starting at $1098, iPod Nano’s starting at $138, MacBook Pro’s from $1098 and iPod Touch’s from $178 among many other deals.  Instead of heading to the mall or wherever your local Apple Store may be, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and click your way to

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Apple Posts An iPhone 3GS Locator


  I have had my own issues in locating an upgrading to the iPhone 3G s, apparently there are more just like me out there as Apple has posted an easy locating tool for us to use.  The day the 3G s was released I felt guilty in calling an Apple store to check availability as anyone who has worked in retail knows that release days can be a tediously repetitive day.  You can now check availability of iPhone 3G s’ in Apple stores across the US by visiting their locator site [Here]

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New 13-Inch MacBook Pro Gets Released


  During the keynote today Apple released the new, cheaper line of MacBook Pros.  The Unibody MacBook has been renamed to MacBook Pro and the least expensive comes in at $1199 with a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo Processor, Built-in 7 Hour Battery, and SD Slot.  


They also released a 15-inch MacBook Pro that comes with only the 9400M Nvidia GPU and instead makes you upgrade to the next level of $1999 with the 9600M and 9400M.


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Apple Offers Student Promotion For 2009 – Again


  In case you missed it, you can now take advantage of the student promotion when you buy a Mac, assuming you are a student or teacher.  You can always get the 100-200 dollars off when you are a student, but once a year or so Apple offers a free iPod or iPod Touch with the purchase of a Mac.  To see the current promotion an details, head over to the Apple Store.

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Get Your iPhone By Mail Via The Apple Store


  For those of us who had the original iPhone and then waited in line for our 3G, we had to endure a painful 2-step process.  We had to first get the iPhone at AT&T or the Apple store, then we had to go home and activate it.  While this changed a little for the iPhone 3G, it was still painful having to deal with people who did not know how to sell it to us (mostly AT&T), but we now have a better way.  We can get our iPhone directly from the online APple store and have it delivered to our doors.  If you have yet to get your hands on an iPhone and want to avoid the hassle of the salemen(or woman), then head over to Apple’s site and get yours now.



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Apple Store Up With Black Friday Savings In The US


  The US Apple Store is back with their Black Friday savings.  They are consistent with past Black Friday sales and are offering some decent deals.  You can find some better deals at Best Buy or Mac Mall however.


The savings are:


iMac -$51.00 off

New MacBook – $101 off

iPod Classic – $21.00 off

iPod Touch – $21.00 off

iPod Nano – $21.00 off

Apple TV – $21.00 off


Not great deals, but they are deals. 


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Apple Store Has Gone Down, Maintenance or More?


  While deciding to look at the Apple Store for a new MacBook I came accross the fact that it is currently down.  This could be simple maintenance given the time of its occourence at 4AM EST or earlier, but maybe there is a stealth update?  We would love to see a Mac Mini refresh or maybe it is just the premium headphones, or perhaps it is the iMac refresh we have heard of. Who knows?, we’ll just have to wait and see.


UPDATE:  The store is back with what appears to be almost no changes.  The Refurb Store has some different options now, but nothing else we see immediatly.


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New MacBooks With Part Numbers and Prices Leaked, 8 in All


  The prices have been leaked along with their model numbers.  The picture was said to be taken from an Apple store of the incoming inventory for tomorrow.  As you can see the prices range from $899.00 to $2799.00.  We are assuming that this means the new MacBooks will be available tomorrow.  We will have one here to take a look at if they are indeed in stores tomorrow so be sure to check back.


UPDATE:  Boy Genius Report Has Confirmed That this is the Real Pricing For Tomorrows MacBooks


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Apple Allows You to Buy iPhone Online Then Pick it Up


  Apple is now offering a new way to get an iPhone.  You can now go to their site and signup and once approved you can go pick it up from an Apple store.  You go to their site and fill out your information, and once everything is all set you only have to go get your iPhone.  It sounds like Apple is not so happy with the way AT&T is handling the sales and this is one way to give customers that great Apple experience.

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Is This the New Macbook or Macbook Pro?


  We are all expecting there to be a new revision of macbook or macbook pro or even both at the upcoming October event.  It is hard to tell if this is a picture of the new one, however the rumors state that the new macbook could be aluminum.  This picture shows a slightly different screen with black around it as opposed to the aluminum color.  It looks much more like the current iMac as far as the screen goes.  The keys also appear to be black in color and the top appears that way as well, but it could be the lighting.

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