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Apple Posts An iPhone 3GS Locator


  I have had my own issues in locating an upgrading to the iPhone 3G s, apparently there are more just like me out there as Apple has posted an easy locating tool for us to use.  The day the 3G s was released I felt guilty in calling an Apple store to check availability as anyone who has worked in retail knows that release days can be a tediously repetitive day.  You can now check availability of iPhone 3G s’ in Apple stores across the US by visiting their locator site [Here]

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Apple Household Adoption Up

  More homes are adopting an Apple computer.  Analysts say this is "driven by positive experiences with Apple’s other products, as well as disenchantment with the Windows world."  Their market shares rose to 10.4% as of the end of the first quarter of 2008.  This is up roughly 3% since last year at the same time.  Analysts also believe this is due in part to the satisfaction or adoption of iPods and other Apple products.  It seems their Apple Stores have helped this along too.  Well if that wasn’t obvious enough, you can hardly move in any of them.  Enterprise adoption also continues to be on the rise.  Up to 4.4% which is double the enterprise adoption from last year.  


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