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OSX 10.5.7 Juno, Could Be Released Any Day Now


  It has only been a few days since the last developer seed of 10.5.7 was released.  Today Apple released another version with a single fix that addresses a bluetooth problem.  The Build 9J50, having been released so quickly since the last seed hints at the possibility of a release to the public as soon as this week.  OSX 10.5.7 has over 100 tweaks and fixes and at this rate should be available any time in the near future.  We’ll b sure to let you know when it becomes available for free download in software update.


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New MacBook Pro Photo Surfaces With Glass Touchpad


  We posted a picture the other day of a similar looking macbook pro and here is another unofficial photo. This time the image surfaced right after Apple Insider posted the following.  "The new designs were described as a cross between the 13-inch MacBook Air introduced this January and the aluminum iMacs that made their debut during the summer of 2007. In its April report, AppleInsider noted this would include a trimming or tapering around the edges and instances of black material to contrast the largely aluminum motif of the new notebooks."


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