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Piracy Rewind, With Floppy’s it Was So Much Easier


  Today, piracy continues to be a struggle for any copyable medium and this video courtesy of Gizmodo, lets us relive the attempts to put an end to it back when floppy disks were in.  Nothing I can say will prepare us for the utter embarrassment that befalls those in this video back in the day.  Just watch and see…


Oh, and buy your software and keep the good software coming.

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iPod Nano 4th Gen Extremely Fragile


  Darrenchartier, a wordpress blog, has posted a picture of his new iPod nano which has a broken glass cover. The glass cover on the iPod was broken from dropping it only 2 feet per what the blog post says.  Fortunately after a few attempts, he convinced Apple to repair it for him.  


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Have a PC but Want a Mac, Use EFI-X


  News of the EFI-X has been going around for a few days and Gizmodo posted a review of the device.  The $155 usb dongle attaches to the inside of your motherboard to its USB header pins and can then trick your OSX disc to think it is installing on a Mac.  

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