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Jailbroken iPhones Get A Newer, More Malicious Virus

 For those who live in the Netherlands and happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, today is not so good of a day.  A new virus has come to the iPhone and this time it is specifically targeting those who do their banking while on the go.  The BBC is reporting on a Malicious Worm that invades and can gain control of the iPhone without any authentication, acting as a bot-net.

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New WiFi Standard 802.11r Gets Standardized

  The current 802.11 standard was not intended to be used for devices to access or jump from access point to access point.  That is where 802.11r comes in.  The current standards for wifi "takes around 100ms to associate, and several seconds to re-establish authenticated connections using 802.1x. That will drop a voice call." The new standard improves connection and authentication speeds to 50ms which is quick enough to keep a voice conversation when using VOIP.

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