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MagBak for iPad and iPad mini

We take a look at the MagBak for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini. The MagBak is a very convenient magnetic mounting system for your Apple iPad. Be sure to check out the video for all the details and let us know what you...

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Google Voice Comes To iPhone and WebOS As And App With A Little Help From HTML5

  Google has found a decent alternative to the never ending power struggles with Apple and its app store.  Google Voice is now available to any phone with HTML5 capability.  This means that iPhone and WebOS can not benefit from the new Google Voice native web app as though it were an actual app. The app allows for dialing through the browser to make calls, send SMS text messages, listen to voicemail, access settings, and your contacts all through your browser.  The app syncs with your Google contact list, but does not update your iPhone.

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Verizon Palm Pre Plus And Palm Pixi Plus Unboxing

  We unbox the upcoming Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus from Verizon.  My initial impressions are that these "Plus" versions of the phones are much nicer and feel better put together than their Sprint counterpart.  So far service has been excellent and the Mobile Hotspot application that allows 5 devices to tether to your WebOS device is a great addition.  Check back in the coming days for more videos and the full review.


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Palm Introduces Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Along With Video Recording

  Palm today announced that they are adding Verizon as we all suspected to their list of US carriers.  The newest carrier to carry WebOS phones will also get upgraded versions of the what SPrint currently hs in the way of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.  The Plus versions of the Pre and Pixi mean the phones get 16GB of memory along with the Pixi getting the added benefit of Wifi.  The devices will be available on Verizon on January 25th, 2010.  

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Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus Coming To Verizon

  According to a recent post from BoyGeniusReport, the addition of the Palm Pixi and Pre to Verizon’s anti-iPhone arsenal are indeed coming soon.  The actual details of the whole deal are unknown at this time but we do know now that Verizon will be calling them the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.  What the actual Plus means is currently unknown, but it could me more memory for the Pre and Wifi for the Pixi.

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