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New iPod Shuffle Gets Disassembled


  It has only been one day and iFixit has already recieved and torn apart the new talking iPod Shuffle.  While there is not a whole lot to see in the way of sheer part numbers, it gives us an look into the intricate packaging that the people over at Apple make their passion.  See the pictures below and head over to iFixit if you want to see the rest.


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E-ink Makes it onto Magazine Cover


 On the cover of the new October Esquire magazine, 99,999 of you will find a new E-ink display which changes every second or two.  The magazine will continue to work for about 90 days on its current set of batteries.  This is a first in the implementation of E-ink being used cheaply and being displayed everywhere.  The technology is used in the popular Kindle E-book reader from amazon and the same technology is used on the magazine.  We are not sure what the cost is to Esquire, but we hope it’s low enough to see in many future applications.


[The Dastardly Report]

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