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Jailbroken iPhones Get A Newer, More Malicious Virus

 For those who live in the Netherlands and happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, today is not so good of a day.  A new virus has come to the iPhone and this time it is specifically targeting those who do their banking while on the go.  The BBC is reporting on a Malicious Worm that invades and can gain control of the iPhone without any authentication, acting as a bot-net.

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Ask.com Relaunch Focusing on 35-55 Year Olds and Faster Search


  Ask.com has revamped its site today in an attempt to get more market share and improve usability. Ask knows it will not get 20 year olds to use them for search and has refocused to the 35-55 age range.  Up to 15% of people using ask, ask questions to search (remember Jeeves?) and they aim to improve this by revamping the back end of their search engine.  The one noticeable difference we could find is the new increased speed of the returns on par with Google.  


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Jetpack Wingman Flies Across English Channel



  Yves Rossy, known as Fusionman, today was at 8,200 feet  when he jumped out of a plane and and flew 22-miles in under 10 minutes from Calais to Dover across the English CHannel.  This is an aviation first when it comes to personal jetpack/wings.  The jet wing cost a little over $190,000 and will not be available to all of us anytime soon.  Our dreams of personal flight are still just dreams for now.


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