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Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse Combo Make Your Computer Look Green


  If you ever wanted to have a wooden keyboard and mouse with the benefit of being green and looking responsible, then this combo from Brando is for you.  Surprisingly this combo of a Bamboo keyboard and optical mouse come in fairly inexpensive at just $52.00.  You can buy them separately for much less if you so please.  The shipping for the combo is only $3 measly dollars as well.  Be sure to check it out as most wooden keyboards shown in the past have an exponentially higher entry point.



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Dell Selling Your Next OSX Ready Mini 9 For $199 For 24 Hours


  You have been waiting for a deal like this to push you over the edge in getting a hackintoshable netbook that also has the benefit of being update-able when running OSX.  The Dell Mini-9 is available for $199 for the next 22 hours or so or until 11:59PM on March 25th.  Get it while you can and make sure to have a couple USB thumb drives and a Leopard install disc to get your new Mac…I mean Dell, up and running.


[Dell – Mini-9]

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Firefox and Java Speed boost Make it a Default for Developers

 Due to the speed boost to Java, Firefox has become not only the fastest browser but most likely the default for developers.  The boost is a result of the update to Java already mentioned by cnet.  Firefox now seems primed to have even more specific apps for its browser written as it continues to grow in market share and speed dominance.  This is a result from work with TraceMonkey.  "TraceMonkey is a project to bring native code speed to JavaScript," said Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s interim vice president of engineering, adding that JavaScript performance nearly doubles compared to Firefox 3.0, based on the SunSpider test of JavaScript performance. That speeds up many basic tasks, but it also brings image editing and 3D graphics into JavaScript’s abilities, he said."  This is just more proof that open source is the way to go which brings the overall benefit to all of us.


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