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4th Gen iPod Nano Mockup Brings Relief

  The new 4G Nano cases have ben seen by just about everyone interested by now.  The new look was a surprise return to the elongated nano of the past.  This for many was not the best solution but neither was the 3rd Gen Nano with its wide squat appearance.  The mockup just released makes the 4th Gen Nano look like a good move for Apple to return to.  Apple seems to always know best when it comes to design.


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Silverlight, Right Goods at the Right Time?

  For Those of you who are not aware, but have been watching the olympics online. This has all been made possible by Silverlight. Silverlight is an application from Microsoft which is basically a competitor to Adobe’s Flash. The main debut for Silverlight is the Olympics. At NBCOlympics.com the site and video is all done using Silverlight. So far it seems to be a solid platform with a seamless interface. I have used it on ie7, safari and Mozilla Firefox with no hiccups whatsoever.

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