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Next Gen Matte Finish iPhone Compared With Current 3G iPhone


  MacRumors has obtained a new photo which compares what is believed to be the back of the new iPhone.  The new iPhone back is in a matte finish that we have seen before.  Other than that, there is no more information.  We can kind of get an idea of the new iPhone design from the bezel and now the matte back. Not much difference in design, but some changes nonetheless.  The back would certainly be much less prone to scratching.

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Next Gen iPhone Enclosure Revealed?


  With the buildup to WWDC long underway there have been a lot of rumors and not much in the way of new physicality.  We have a couple new pictures of the bezel and internals from iphone-ticker.de.  They do not show us a whole lot, but give us a few ideas about the next iPhone.  iLounge broke down the visual information into what has changed from the current iPhone 3G.


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Otterbox Impact For iPhone 3G Review


  Otterbox has been reviewed a few times on this site and continues to deliver time after time.  They are not known for thin or lightweight cases, but rather an ultra-durable protective line of cases.  Their intention was to deliver unrelenting protection at any cost and that they do.  The case we have today is again, designed to provide protection, but this time providing affordability and a more traditional silicone case.


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Prototype MacBook Air Surfaces From Ebay Purchase


  Rarely do we see any prototype products that emerge from Apple.  This lucky member of the MacRumors forum "Brett33", purchased a MacBook Air "as is" from Ebay for $730 and once recieved, he had realized he had something very special.  The MacBook Air he recieved turned out to have a black aluminum bottom and was lacking the words "MacBook Air" from the screen bezel.  The MacBook also came supplied with the interim build Mac OS X 10.5 (8R4016).  Upon the new owners investigation, he found that the serial number was for May 2007, a full 6-months prior to the the release of the MacBook Air.  Although not often seen, Apple prototypes have been seen in the wild.


[via MacRumors]

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