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Will You Be Getting A Zune HD?


  The Zune has a sympathetic pull on the gadget loving side of me.  While I generally use Apple products, I like the drive of the underdog.  Microsoft knows how to play catchup as we have seen with the Xbox 360 and the great experience many of us have online with our friends.  The real question is will Microsoft hit a home run with the Zune HD?  If you have an iPod Touch then you can guess the Zune HD will have a similar feature set.  The real problem lies in the lack of a hugely successful app store.  I am cautiously optimistic that Zune HD can deliver such an app store, but Microsoft has a vast pocket to draw from.  The marketing power of a company with such monetary resources that far outweigh most companies certainly helps get Zune noticed.  

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President Obama Has Launched New Whitehouse Site


  In keeping with his theme for change, President Obama and his team has already revamped the whitehouse.gov website.  The website gives the bios of all the new White House staff as well as information about the inauguration.  The site also gives the new Presidents agenda and includes a blog to keep us web-savvy up to date.  It is interesting to see such a quickness to the promised "change" and the detail to update the website on day one.  Lets hope the promised "change" continues to keep coming with such rapidity.

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