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Apple Drops Its MacBook Price For Students

  Stundents in need of a new laptop are going to have one more reason to lean toward the MacBook.  Apple has dropped the price again for students on the new white, unibody MacBook to $899.  This is not a stripped down version of the MacBook, just a simple price drop for all the shiny goodness that is a Mac.  The cost prior to the drop was only 50 dollars more at $949, but every little bit helps when you are a broke college student.  


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Microsoft Office Barred From Sale After January 11th, 2010

  Who would have thought that after all the years of Microsoft Office that it would be banned from sale due to patent infringement.  After a ruling back in May for the same issue, Microsoft appealed and this time lost.  The infringement i for Word’s handling of .xml, .docx, and .docm files of which infringed upon i4i’s patented XML handling algorithms.

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Palm Ares SDK Goes Live, In Beta Form

  Palm’s WebOS is having a bit of a rough time gaining momentum with their app store.  Well the new Ares SDK is now here in beta form and for us non-programmers.  You can use the online application to create a WebOS based app without any external tools.  The interface is simple with drag and drop controls.  Try it out for yourself and get building.  You can still use the software based Mojo SDK, but why not give it a shot here first.

[Ares SDK]

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Experience The First Flight of The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Live

  This is a first, or at least we think it is.  Boeing is having a live webcast of its first official flight of the New 787 Dreamliner.  If you are so inclined, tomorrow at 9:40AM PST or 12:40AM EST you can take a ride in the new Dreamliner.  The 787 Dreamliner is more fuel efficient, quieter and environmentally friendly than its predecessors.  Constructed mostly of Carbon Fiber it is extremely strong and light weight.The new Dreamliner is not only huge, but it has a very luxurious interior for those whose buttocks get to grace its seats. 

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