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Top Secret Aircraft Caught In Kandahar

  Everyone loves to see some secret aircraft from our U.S. arsenal.  This picture was caught in by a French photographer and published on his secret defense blog.  Previously this aircraft was captured visually in Kandahar, but in your typical blurry images that lacked any real detail.  The photo seen above is of what is thought to be a UAV or an unmanned aerial vehicle.  Some sites have commented that it appears it may be large enough and show a canopy that you can slightly make out at this angle.

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President Obama Has Launched New Whitehouse Site


  In keeping with his theme for change, President Obama and his team has already revamped the whitehouse.gov website.  The website gives the bios of all the new White House staff as well as information about the inauguration.  The site also gives the new Presidents agenda and includes a blog to keep us web-savvy up to date.  It is interesting to see such a quickness to the promised "change" and the detail to update the website on day one.  Lets hope the promised "change" continues to keep coming with such rapidity.

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Woot! Finally Gets The Update It Deserves


  The daily deal that is Woot!, has been around for quite some time now.  The site had become old and dated, with not a whole lot to look at other than its deals.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but we in this modern era of web 2.0, going on 3.0, expect more from all of the goodness we find online.  The new Woot! has brightened its colors and become more style-centric to the viewer.  Now we can browse upon Woot!’s main page, blog and community with all the cheer of the bright green it presents.  Thank you Woot! for sparing our eyes and giving us a happy feeling as we gaze upon your glorious pages.



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New Mac Tablet Render Brings Hope And Excitement


  If there is any product that Apple fans would want and have asked for in the years past, a tablet based Mac of sort would be the one.  The latest rendering sparks the imagination as to what a slightly larger iPhone-like touch device could look like.  The rumor has been going around this past week about the launch of such a device by the end of 2009, and if TechCrunch or any of the many reporting outlets who say this is no longer a rumor are right, lets hope it stimulates ones mind as well as this render does.


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Flickr Gets a Facelift


  Flickr, Yahoo’s photo upload and sharing site has been aware that its user interface can be sometimes unfriendly.  In an attempt to cure the unproductiveness, they have given the interface a much needed facelift.  The homepage now shows more information such as friends, your photostream and your friends photostream and also shows your blog.  The change is definitely an improvement and makes the usability more simple.


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Dell Releases Inspiron Mini 9, Tiny and Cheap


  Dell released their answer to the small pc’s being released by everyone lately.  The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is the latest creation from Dell.  


The small laptop is powered by an Atom Diamondville processor and has a screen dimension of 1024×600. The screen has an LED backlight  and comes in at just $399 for Windows XP and $349 with Ubuntu.


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Macs for Weekend Leisure, Windows and Linux for Work

  Using Google Insight, facesaerch blog found an interesting trend.  During the week Windows and Linux are used in general.  During the weekend the trend reverses and you see more people use Macs.  This comes as no surprise when you consider the amount of workplaces that have Windows and Linux and have never moved to Macs.  In the graph above the spikes A and B are the weekend Mac usage if you hadn’t already figured that out.


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Rumor: More Goodness from Apple in 2-3 Weeks

 Kevin Rose of Digg.com just put his video on his blog about what he says he knows will be coming from Apple in just 2-3 weeks.


– Makeover of entire iPod line.
– iPod Touch updated slightly

– iPod Nano updated significantly
– iPods to see fairly large price drops to distance itself from the $199 iPhone.
– 2.1 software for iPod touch and iPhone
– iTunes 8.0 with big features but he cannot mention them.
– Blu-Ray support coming in Mac OS X 10.5.6


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