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Squareup Brings Credit Card Scanner To Your Phone

 Need to accept credit cards, but don’t want the hassle or expense of having that large credit card machine?  Squareup is offering a very interesting solution.  With a simple accessory that fits into the headphone jack on your phone, you can now scan payment cards.  After you have made the sale and scanned the card you can then text or email the receipt to your customer.  Squareup is also donating a penny for every transaction you make to a cha

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Seagate Gives Free Agent Pro New Colors For The Holiday


  Seagate has previously only offered the Free Agent in Blue, Back, Red and Silver, but for the Holiday they have given you all of the colors in the colors in the picture above.  As well as getting the color of your choice,  if you register your drive between November 28th and the end of the year, you will recieve a bonus multimedia package.  You also have the option to download 50 free songs, get %50 off a SmugMug subscription and get a free movie rental from eMusic.  The offers come from the Seagate, "Load Me Up" Promotion.  The drives include a 2.5-inch hard drive, dock connector, USB connection and leatherette case.  They vary from 250GB to 500GB and cost $119.99 to $199.99, depending on the model.

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LaCie Offers 1 Year Online Storage WIth Hard Drive Purchase


  LaCie must really know its customer and what people need to keep up from losing our beloved data.  The company who brings stylish hard drives to Mac and PC, is now including an added bonus to their hard drives.  Starting in November, all hard drives purchased will come with 1-yer of free, unlmited online storage via Carbonite.  Everyone should have 2 places in which their data is backed up.  The first being at home on a hard drive and the second being, off site in case the worst case scenario unfolds and all of your belongings are desroyed in a fire or disaster.  This is a great reason to buy their hard drives and we bet others will begin to follow suit.


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