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Palm Introduces A Mobile Hotspot Application: 5 Tethered Devices At Once

 Palm today also announced a new application coming to WebOS devices that will allow wireless tethering.  The application turns your Pre and Pixi into a wifi hotspot for up to 5 devices at once.  There is currently a homebrew app that allows this via rooting of the pre and loss of your warranty, but instead Verizon will be offering this for a monthly fee similar to their Mifi device.  If anyone had a reason to use the Pre or Pixi, this might just be it.


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AT&T Working On Massive Upgrade For New iPhone In June


  Apple Insider has posted that a vendor in "the know" has brought to our attention that AT&T is working on a major upgrade to their data network prior to the new iPhone hardware rumored to be arriving in June. AT&T has had their network stressed greatly due to the iPhone data traffic since the iPhone 3G.  The iPhone accounts for about two thirds of all of AT&T’s data consumption and has caused numerous outages and slow downs in the past.  If the new iPhone does include a video camera with upload capability as we suspect, AT&T will certainly need such bandwidth increases to meet demand.  It will be interesting to see if there is real world speed increases that we iPhone users will see.  At this point we can only hold out and anticipate what Apple has for us in June.


[Apple Insider]

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iPhone Video On The Way? Case Manufacturer Shows Listing For It.


  While there is always speculation about the upcoming changes to Apple’s hardware, the iPhone is a hard one to find new options on since the 3.0 software announcement.  There are multiple sources saying that the next generation of iPhone will have video recording capability built in and a better camera to go along with it to facilitate such a need.  The findings within the 3.0 software have confirmed there are revisions that Apple is working on, but what exactly those revisions are remains to be seen.  There was also published, some interesting features within 3.0 that show a "publish video" option as well.


We have found something interesting on the B2B site Alibaba. 

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New iPhone Air Concept Brings Hope To The Future


  A new concept photo shows what could be an iPhone of the future.  The "iPhone Air" as they call it, shows a very slim phone with iChat capability.  Many have wondered why Apple has left out iChat and instead left instant messaging to those of the App community.  We assumed maybe it was due to SMS, but maybe not? Video iChat on your iPhone would be quite a great idea, although we doubt its existence will be anytime soon. The form factor and look of this concept really look Apple-like, and may show what could be coming in the future.  Lets hope at least some of these ideas get implemented.

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More Details On The New Mac Mini


  Thanks to TUAW we have some of the fine points of the much needed refresh to the Mac Mini.  The first thing is that the Superdrive will be SATA, so you can either keep the drive or add a second hard drive as an option.  The next detail is that the Mac Mini will look more like the Time Capsule with a lip on the side which encapsulates the optical drive and provides for cooling, which eliminates the need for the vents on the back. The new Mac Mini will also be black and aluminum, like the current lineup of Macs.  It has been a long time coming for a refresh and we assume other details such as a core 2 duo, an Nvidia 9400M and the capability for more RAM.  In a few weeks, we’ll all know for sure.


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iPhone better than PSP and DS Combined, Almost as Good as original Xbox

John Carmack while speaking at QuakeCon this week seemed to be quite impressed with the iPhone’s capability. He not only is excited to the possibilities, but went on to say that the iPhone is “more powerful than a Nintendo DS and PSP combined.” While he does show concern over the available memory for graphics, he said the iPhone is as powerful as a Dreamcast and almost as powerful as a ps2 or original xbox. Carmack also noted that they have two titles in the works for the iPhone.

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