Fusion iPod Car Stereo Comes To Best Buy


  A week or so ago we posted on the Fusion CA-IP1500 which incorporates an iPod dock behind the faceplate.  In browsing today’s best buy ad we noticed they had added this car stereo to their lineup of car audio products.  The Fusion incorporates a dock for almost any iPod, including iPod Touch and we would assume iPhone, but that is unconfirmed.  It also has an auxillary in, if you don’t have an iPod or your iPod will not fit in the dock.  The price is $250.00 plus installation if you are not apt to install it yourself.  Previously this stereo was only available overseas, so it is great to see something like this come to the US.  We would love to know how the sound quality is and if anyone has used this yet.  If so let us know…


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