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Vaja ivolution Top Case Review


  Th Vaja ivolution Top has raised the bar when it comes to a leather executive case for your iPhone.  Vaja brings you hand-made leather cases for not only your iPhone, but laptops, cell phones and even a PSP.  Thir cases take 45 days to make from scratch and offer only the best in quality leather.  If you are looking for an exclusive iPhone case, customized to order, Vaja is who you turn to.


There is a higher quality version of this video on youtube [Here]



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Intel Demonstrates New “Moorestown” Chipset


  Intel demonstrated the new "Moorestown" chipset in Taiwan today, which is set to come to market between 2009 and 2010.  The new chipset is based on 45nm technology and incorporates the processor, graphics, memory controller and video encode/decode onto one single chip.  The video shows the Moorestown MID which uses this chip to do all of its work.

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Google Andriod Beta Released

  Google’s attempt to dominate the cell phone market is on its way.  Google announced the release of Android SDK beta for those interested in developing for the platform.  Android is an open platform for cell phones which will attempt to duplicate the many features of iPhone but surpass that by allowing it to be open for anyone to develop for.  While this build is not the final, it now includes the main home screen as well as some applications.  So get moving if this is your cup of tea.  Final retail release is due for q4 of this year.

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