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DirecTV Launching New 3dHD Channel

  DIrecTV will soon be making an announcement regarding a whole new way to watch broadcast TV, in 3D.  The current lineup of Satellite Receievers the company makes available to its customers will support the new channel with a simple firmware upgrade.  The downside to this whole 3D push is that the channel will require you to purchase a new 3D capable TV.  There aren’t any details at this time, but we should head something more from CES on January 7th.

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Palm Pre Profile Issue Is Acknowledged By Sprint

  For those few that have the Palm Pre or Palm Pixi and have either changed devices or had to replace one, Sprint feels your pain.  The problem lies with a profile you backed up that could easily be overwritten by the profile on your new, more empty phone.  This has been a problem for a little while and with it appearing on some major sites such as Engadget, Sprint has taken notice.  Sprint offered an official acknowledgement today:

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Apple To Attend CES 2010


  As anyone who follows Apple news knows, Apple has left MacWorld for good.  Although still technically a rumor, many people have been confirming that Apple will be moving to CES in 2010.  This may sound bad to the many who attend MacWorld, but is a great change to bring two separate shows to one venue.  Instead of having to choose or rush from one to another, everyone can now go to Las Vegas for CES instead.  The interesting part is Apple is saying January is not an idea product announcement time for their current plans. They may have said this just to make MacWorld feel better about the loss of Apple.  Either way this should turn out to be an interesting year.


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Palm Announces The Pre


 Palm announces their new device called "Pre" at CES today.  The new Pre runs their new web OS and has

GPS, Blutooth, 8GB storage, and a "fast processor;  Stereo A2DP support;  TI’s latest OMAP CPU. The first one with this CPU;  3.1-inch display, 320 x 480 — touchscreen, with multitouch;  you can replace the battery ,  3 mp camera with led flash;  MicroUSB connection, USB 2.0 jack;  3.5mm headphone jack , and a Portrait slide out keyboard.



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Apple Releases 2 New Mac Switcher Ads, Bashes Windows


  Apple recently released two new Mac switcher ads and this time bashes Vista for their advertising campaign in 1 ad and the second makes fun of them not referring to Vista as an OS, but refers to it just as Windows.  You have to give it to these guys in their persistant attack on Vista as it seems the ads are paying off.  Microsoft needs to come out with a counter ad to Apple, which makes them look good and not come off as copying what Apple has already done.  Microsoft should just incorporate their ads from their CES keynotes that they use internally and actually gain some ground.


[Ad 1]

[Ad 2]

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Steve Ballmer Taking Bill Gates Place at CES

  With the exit of Bill Gates from the top position of Microsoft there has been a void for the yearly keynote at CES.  Steve Ballmer in all of his enthusiasm will entertain us or embarrass himself at the 2009 Consumer Electronics show. 


The last keynote of Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates at the 2008 CES entertained us all with its goodbye video.  While Gates had never been much of a public speaker, he was the one to start off the year for Microsoft.  "The CEA now invited Steve Ballmer as the pre-CES keynote speaker for the show for the very first time." At least we will not be bored at this years press event as Ballmer always has something for us to talk about.


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