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nVidia Leaks MacBook?


  If you venture over to nVidia’s site, they have a promotional page that shows this photo and says they are "optimizing the notebook".  This certainly is a MacBook, but does not look exactly like the current models.  We o know the new MacBooks will have nVidia chipsets in them, but we doubt that Apple would allow them to show this off unless of course Apple doesn’t know.


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nVidia Postpones Graphics Chip and Waits for MacBook


  The MacBook announcement or October Apple event was orignally slated for September 29th  and was moved to October 14th.  The nVida MCP7A-U was originally set to be announced on September 30th and now has been postponed to October 15th.  It is pretty obvious what is going on here, the real question is who is waiting for who.  This is a great sign for all those wanting to do away with the slow Intel graphics chipsets in their MacBooks.  So new MacBooks on the horizon is becoming more and more clear.


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