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Ambrosia Software Offers A Macheist Holiday Bundle

  Ambrosia has just announced a holiday bundle that is good until Christmas day.  MacHeist sent out an email offering the holiday bundle of games and utilities at a savings up to 70% off.  For the gaming bundles you can select three different tiers of gaming ranging from $19 and up to $49.  Each tier gives you more and more games.  For their application bundles you can also get as little or as much as you want with their tiered bundles starting at $59 and going up to $99.  Head over to Ambrosia’s site and check out the bu

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MacHeist Offering Free Software For Christmas


  The MacHeist deal coming our way next, is free.  MacHeist normally offers you a bundle of software for a significantly reduced price, similar to Mac Update.  Yes it sounds too good to be true, but according to their site if you signup now and come back on Christmas day, you will be treated to free software.  There is no mention yet of what wonderfully free software awaits, but free is not a bad deal.  Get over to MacHeist now and signup for your free software.



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