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iHome Unveils New Alarm Clock iPhone and iPod Docks: iP39, iP90, and iP42

  Apparently the need for Alarm Clock iPod and iPhone docks is great.  iHome has unveiled a set of three very sleek iPhone docks that will also wake you or time your food preparation.  The iP39 Kitchen Time and FM Alarm Clock Radio Speaker System (its full name), is designed to be in your kitchen and stay out of the way with its retractable dock.

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Chumby One Gets A Teardown

  The all-in-one Internet, LAN, Wi-Fi, Alarm Clock embedded, open source device, Chumby One gets the "take-me-apart" treatment for us all to see.  iFixit has one again grasped the latest in technology just to give us a glimpse of what lies within the rounded square that Chumby One is.  Among the many other devices at iFixit, you can see the full teardown complete with specs and information on how to take it apart yourself at iFixit.

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Need A Quality HDMI Cable, but Don’t Want To Pay A Fortune? Check out Optimized Cable Co.

  There are so many cables that we use every day.  There are very expensive cables and then you can get the same cable for a fraction of the price.  The real question is, is the cheap cable any good or better?  When it comes to analog cables, less insulation generally means signal degradation.  With digital cables you normally do not experience signal interference over short distances.  This is questionable over long distances, but either way these cables can be good or bad.

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