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MobileMe Now Allowing File Sharing From iDisk


  There are plenty of services that are available to share large files, but why not utilize a service that you already pay for.  Apple has now made large file sharing via iDisk in MobileMe a reality.  Simply send your share-person a link and they will be able to download the file that you spent time thinking about and putting into your iDisk.  See all the details from Apple below, and for more info you can watch their tutorial as well.


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An American Hero Passes

  Although not tech related I regard this to be of importance in the history of our world.  One of the first four men to liberate Buchenwald concentration camp, James Hoyt  had his funeral Thursday at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oxford, with about 100 people in attendance.  James Hoyt was one of the first to observe the horrors of the German concentration camps.  He experienced this at the young age of 19 as part of the Army’s 6th armored division.  Never should we forget what he and his colleagues did.

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