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Next Gen iPhone Enclosure Revealed?


  With the buildup to WWDC long underway there have been a lot of rumors and not much in the way of new physicality.  We have a couple new pictures of the bezel and internals from iphone-ticker.de.  They do not show us a whole lot, but give us a few ideas about the next iPhone.  iLounge broke down the visual information into what has changed from the current iPhone 3G.


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Apple Media Pad & iPhone Lite In Our Near Future?


  There have been multiple rumors lately of Verizon and Apple joining forces for a new iPhone.  This was originally shot down and then revived again for a possible iPhone CDMA variant.  The most recent bit of news coming our way about this possible carrier working with Apple is the confirmation of talks with Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam from BusinessWeek.


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Video Recording Interface Found In 3.0 Show New Features For Upcoming iPhone


  A developer was messing around with some configuration files which fooled the 3.0 beta software for iPhone to think a video camera was present.  As we and others have posted, we have a pretty firm confirmation that video will be an option in the next iPhone.  The screenshot shows a switch between still or video capture and has an "auto-focus camera", "magnetometer" (digital compass), and "Voice Control".


This summer should show the release of the final 3.0 firmware along with new version(s) of hardware.


[Mac Rumors]

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2TB Time Capsule Coming Soon?


  For some time yesterday, ClubMac had an image of a 2TB Time Capsule Box posted within its product detail section.  The image is no longer on the site which usually is a hint of confirmation.  It is no surprise Apple would release larger iterations of the Time Capsule, which combine a wireless router with a hard drive for backup or storage.  We suspect they put this up by accident as it was showing under the 500GB Time Capsule details and most of these images are from the manufacturer and could have simply used the same file name for the image.  Other than this, there is no more information, but we can assume the release would be just around the corner.



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Apple Finally Working With Adobe For Flash on The iPhone & iPod Touch


  At long last we have confirmation that Apple finally sees that one major deterring factor for their iPhone is the lack of Adobe’s Flash.  Apple has long claimed "the web in your pocket", which is only partially true, because half of the web uses flash to play media.  


Steve Jobs has said that Flash is too much for a mobile processor and Flash Lite does not deliver enough to satisfy the consumer.  Adobe’s Chief, Shantanu Narayen was recently quoted in an interview saying:


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Snow Leopard Due Out In Q1


  It looks like today brings us the unofficial/official confirmation that Snow Leopard is due out in Q1 of 2009.  This slide was taken from a group of slides from last weeks LISA conference, thanks to a slip up of Jordan Hubbard, Director of Apple’s Unix Technology Group.  The time frame certainly fits and giving that Apple already released revisions to almost its entire lineup of hardware this year, it looks like Snow Leopard could be part of the big news at MacWorld Expo in January. 


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Rogers Extends Current iPhone Data Promotion

  Rogers, the carrier of the iPhone in Canada has just extended their data plan promotion in Canada.  The original data plan came under much criticism for its lack of monthly allowed bandwidth and overpricing.  "As part of those adjustments, due to the customer complaints, Rogers announced a promotional plan for $30 per month that allowed for the transfer of 6 GB of data. It was set to expire on August 31, but the company has now decided to extend it until the end of September."


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