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MMS Finally Coming To iPhone September 25th


  The one feature strangely missing from the incredible iPhone is MMS.  Everyone has MMS except iPhone and this has caused some confusion and anger amongst its users.  AT&T has explained all of this in a press release from today.  The network was to blame and they admit this to their credit.  Finally a simple feature gets added this month.  Read the press release after the jump:

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Proporta Gadget Bag – Review


  We take a look at the Gadget Bag from Proporta.  As we do more and more reviews we have begun looking for the perfect bag or case for all the gear one has these days.  There are so many options out there we figured we could put an end to the confusion by doing some reviews of the better options out there.  See the video for the details and be sure to check out all that Proporta has to offer.



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