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AT&T Working On Massive Upgrade For New iPhone In June


  Apple Insider has posted that a vendor in "the know" has brought to our attention that AT&T is working on a major upgrade to their data network prior to the new iPhone hardware rumored to be arriving in June. AT&T has had their network stressed greatly due to the iPhone data traffic since the iPhone 3G.  The iPhone accounts for about two thirds of all of AT&T’s data consumption and has caused numerous outages and slow downs in the past.  If the new iPhone does include a video camera with upload capability as we suspect, AT&T will certainly need such bandwidth increases to meet demand.  It will be interesting to see if there is real world speed increases that we iPhone users will see.  At this point we can only hold out and anticipate what Apple has for us in June.


[Apple Insider]

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Ballmer Confirms Zune Integrating With Windows Mobile


  Ballmer has been letting a lot slip lately with the notification of "Windows Cloud" and now with Zune coming to Windows Mobile.  In an effort to make Zune the player of choice for windows users, Microsoft is integrating their services and social aspects of all products into one convenient place.  Now for users of Windows Mobile you will have access to all your songs and media.  


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