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In-Game Purchases Come To Free Apps


  Prior to today when you opened an App that you had gotten for free in the app store, you would have to exit in order to purchase the full version of the game.  Apple forbade the purchasing of features and apps from within a free app until they changed their mind as of today.  As the photo above shows, if you download the free version of the Assassin Creed App you can now buy the full version within it.  Either way it is an easier and more convenient way for developers to make themselves a little extra cash at the convenience of the user.

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Zune HD AV Dock & Power Pack Now Available For Pre-Order From Microsoft


  If you are preparing to make the shift to the Zune HD or just upgrade your existing Zune, then you may want to further prepare yourself with the dock.  There are two different Zune HD add-ons now up for pre-order.  The first is a dock which connects your Zune to a TV so you can watch your 720P HD videos as well as charge your Zune HD.  The other is simply a plug for charging along with AV cables to watch your video on your TV without the convenience of the dock.  They are both available for pre-order now.


[Zune HD AV & Power Pack] $49.99

[Zune HD AV Dock] $89.99


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How to Get Blu-Ray Movies On Your Apple TV


  If you have an Apple TV and are wanting to get those movies on it for your convenience, then this is for you. The Apple TV does not allow for full 1080P, but if you are satisfied with 720P video or have a smaller display where 1080P is not that important, then you will want to keep reading.  Let me preface this by saying I do not even own an Apple TV anymore, but thought this was interesting.


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LaCie CurrenKey Brings You A Flash Drive As Good As Money


  The new flash drive from LaCie has combined the styling of money with the convenience and storage of a USB flash drive.  The new CurrenKey comes with 4GB or 8GB of flash memory and is available in bronze or silver.  The drives are available now, starting at $24.99 and up and is larger than a penny at 36 x 9 mm, but certainly adds to the appeal of a flash drive.


[via LaCie]

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