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Core i5 MacBook Pro Coming Soon According To Intel Contest

  According to a new post from Faq-Mac.com[Translated], Intel has sent an email to members of its Intel Retail Edge program with the chance to win a new MacBook Pro.  The interesting thing about the contest is that it details some specifications we have not yet seen as part of the MacBook lineup.  The contest shows a Core i5 based MacBook Pro.

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New Core i7 iMacs Showing Up DOA

 Having to wait weeks for the new 27inch iMac would have been difficult, but worth it.  That is until you plugged it in, hit the power button and nothing happened.  According to Apple forums around the world and even Engadget themselves have experienced this very problem.  People are reporting that their beautiful and expensive new iMacs are nothing more than a fancy room decoration.

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